Dill Leaves / shepu

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Dill Leaves / shepu

Maharashtra, India

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Green, flimsy and fernlike Dill leaves have a strong aroma. sharp tang and a spongy sugary flavour.
Storage and Uses
We deliver dill leaves in the best hygienic packages which can be directly stored in the refrigerator. Do note that the flavour of dill leaves diminishes extensively the longer it is cooked. Add them at the end of your preparations to get the complete flavour and aroma of these leaves in your recipes.
Used as a leafy addition to sabjis, dal and as a condiment in soups, meat and salads.
Dill leaves reduce discomfort and pain associated with menstrual cramps and eases digestion. They help in reducing depression, boosts energy and have an anti-microbial effect.

We are currently operating in Vasai and Virar regions. Shorty opening our new online outlets in Thane and Mumbai.

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