GALA(10 pairs) Human Hair Eyelashes- #36

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GALA(10 pairs) Human Hair Eyelashes- #36

GALA(10 pairs) Human Hair Eyelashes- #36

Gala Eyelashes Artistry

Maharashtra, India

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  • Natural curled false eyelashes
  • It is reusable if removed properly, very easy to use
  • They look real and natural, feel comfy, won't hurt your eyes
  • Best for japanese style beauty makeup, make your eyes look bright and attractive
  • Handmade,more exquisite and beautiful

How to wear Eyelashes [For more details click on below images]

Steps for usage (Step 1)

Use the tool to gently lift the false eyelashes.

Steps for usage (Step 2)

Place false eyelashes over your eyes to compare lengths.

Steps for usage (Step 3)

Keep your eyelashes curled up during the waiting period,making the false eyelashes more realistic.

Steps for usage (Step 4)

Cover the conspicuous glue with an eyeliner to make your eyes look more natural.

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